About Us

Equity bag is a financial and investment solutions service provider. Started in 2018 with an objective of providing prudent and far sighted solutions to build wealth and invest wisely, Equity Bag equips the investor with the most reliable and apt investment tool to invest for the future. To invest wisely is a decision that requires a calculated and analytical approach. Equity Bag helps the common man take these market decisions by analyzing the pros and cons and offering the right investment mix that minimizes the risk and maximizes the earning potential in the long run.

Equity bag is run by industry experts with a strong background of having worked with various financial institutions like Banking, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Portfolio Management and Trading. Mr.Gopi Chandran the Managing Director brings a vast experience to the team from the financial industry and multinational financial institutions in India and abroad.

The products and solutions are judiciously chosen for the investor after analyzing the risk factors and market conditions. Equity bag aims to widen the scope and product mix by bringing the best solutions for the investor in future and envisions becoming the leader in investment solutions and financial consulting.